Exploring the Rooms of Your Sacred Temple by Jackie Woods

Exploring the Rooms of Your Sacred Temple – Workshop


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Upgrade the love of expressing your favorite gifts without doing more or doing better!

Learn to combat the main source of Ego in our world by finding the space in your root chakra where each of your gifts is anchored and learning to join those “rooms” with others’ gifts. You expand by joining your love of a particular quality with the way someone else loves that quality.

Finally understand what is the proper place for (and use of) habits in your life. And most invaluable of all, discover the secret of the “3 steps of Temple Living.” This revolutionary information is not available anywhere else!

You will see how keeping a lock on one room in your temple limits the power of the other rooms. Fear can seep under the door of one room and infiltrate another. To sidestep these limiting factors, discussion and examples are provided on how you can make sure each of the rooms in your temple have an anchoring place in your daily life.

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