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This is a critical time in our spiritual evolution.

It is as if our planet’s spirit is saying, Okay guys, it is time to get on with the show. You have had time to learn your lines, and have had numerous rehearsals. It is curtain time and I am turning on the stage lights. Even if you have never thought of yourself as a person that can make a difference – I’m here to tell you that you will – every time you embrace how extraordinary you are. I welcome you on this journey of inner empowerment that will change your life and help heal our world. Enjoy the journey. Warmly, Jackie Woods

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“I have followed a spiritual path for many years, but this recording is like nothing I have ever heard before.”
– John W.

“Jackie Woods is so easy to listen to. I LOVE her gentle guidance and practical tools.”
– Mary C.

“Jackie’s keen insight, clarity, and wisdom has given me a deeper understanding  of energy dynamics.”
– Jackie S.

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“Somewhere inside you know you are here to do great things. You are here to live a life of great personal fulfillment that empowers and fuels you.” Read more…

“Each week we post a heart energy on this website inviting people to synergize with us in bringing a particular facet of light to the planet. A few weeks ago, the invitation was to meditate on, and then physically anchor, the heart energy of Delight. I was very excited about getting to expand this energy…” Read more…