The Growth and Manifestation Cycle

    by Jackie Woods

    Growth & Manifestation Cycle by Jackie Woods

    When we say, “I need to be in a relationship,” what we really mean is “I need the energies of Commitment and Sharing which I allow myself to receive in a relationship setting.” Likewise, “I need money right now” really means “I need the energy of Abundance that money represents for me.” All these “things” that we think we need in order to be fulfilled and happy, can really all be boiled down to a specific energy or energies.

    So where can these magical energies be found? If we, as energy beings, are cut from the same cloth (so to speak) as God/Perfection/the All of the Universe, then all those various energies are to be found in us just as they are to be found in God. We have all those energies inside us, but we have to learn how to access them and use them so that we can begin to manifest all the “things” we need.

    From Spiritual Energy Cycles by Jackie Woods & Russell Woods