The Support of Community

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. Our family owned a country store, which was my favorite “hang out.” Of course this meant, to my chagrin, that I was parented by the whole town, but I was also loved by most of them. So at an early age, I received the benefits and learned to avoid the pitfalls of community. After I left home, I tried to emulate community support everywhere I went. At college, My room became the gathering place for anyone who needed to step away from the rigors of study. When I married, I was the one who baked cookies for my neighbors and initiated their interactions with each other. I began Sharing Groups in the church I attended. And for the grand finale, I founded the Adawehi Community in 1998. The intent at Adawehi is to support people in stepping past their unconscious responses to life, as well as support them in discovering a new heart’s response. The participants in this intent have changed their lives from normal to extraordinary. They have learned that resonance builds power while reaction deletes power. As my experiences with community have grown, I have become even more firmly convinced of the necessity for people to have available community support, if they desire any form of change for their life. That is why I want to make the support here at Adawehi available to a wider audience. You will receive community support as you listen to examples on my audio recordings. You will be able to resonate with me as you listen to my teachings and reach for new truths. And you will be able to gather around you old friends in new ways. Redefining the meaning of friendship will go a long way as you step into a world where your divine self gets to express.
Warmly, Jackie Woods

For more information about Adawehi, please visit the Adawehi Wellness Village website.