The Trinity of Power, Love, and Wisdom

by Jackie Woods

Have you ever wondered why the Trinity has been referred to as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? Since the three heart energies that make up this Trinity are Power, Wisdom, and Love, we would assume that the Father would refer to the male energy of Power. The Son would refer to the connector between Love and Power, which is Wisdom. And the Holy Ghost would, by elimination, refer to the female energy of Love.

As a woman, at first I was rather offended by being called a ghost. However, the holy part appeased me greatly. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed appropriate for the words Holy Ghost to describe the ethereal, intuitive, presence of the Goddess of Love. After all, it is the energy of Love that wraps itself around, and holds, people’s Hearts. It is the intuitive side of the Godhead that senses what is and what isn’t real. It is Love that inspires Wisdom and fortifies action. So all said, I’m pleased to call the female aspect of the Trinity the Holy Ghost.

Even though I have a good association with the word father, not all people do. So let’s wrap the male aspect of the Trinity in a little more clarity. His role in the universe was, and is, the creative force that runs through all life. It is this force that has the power to bring change and growth. Without the male third of the trinity, Love wouldn’t have entry into life. She could hover over and around, but not enter. It is the driving, moving force of creation that opens the door for Love to enter.

How then does Wisdom play into this wonderful coupling of male and female? When Love and Power unite, an understanding of why and how each new creation is to happen gets born. This birthing is called Wisdom. Wisdom helps Love to have definition, and it helps Power to have meaning. As you can see, all three must be present for any part of life to have purpose.

To have Power without Love means the physical rules will become more important than the people they are meant to support. To have Love without Power means you will be sweet and kind but never make any progress towards fulfilling your life’s script. If the male and female deny the presence of their child, Wisdom, they will continually have internal strife in their relationship. It will be as if a wound is left to fester that will eventually drive Love and Power into separation.

You are a carrier of the Trinity energies. It is up to you to make a space for each of the three to have expression in your life. Keeping the three in balance must become a top priority in your life. It isn’t too difficult to keep track of your balance status. Simply watch for three warning signs: When structure is lacking, Power is getting short changed. When all you experience from people is their resistance, then Love has been denied entrance. If you are frequently pulled by indecision, then Wisdom has been locked away unattended.

My hope is that you will embrace your purpose in life and bring forth the Power, Love and Wisdom that is within you.

Would you like support in claiming your Power, Wisdom, and Love?

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