Compassion Workshop by Jackie Woods

Compassion – Workshop


Love isn’t something you do for but something that you do with.

Learn to be a heart-joiner instead of a pain-fixer. Real Compassion is joining someone’s spirit in love, not commiserating with their pain and problems. By the end of this recording, you will be living this truth! You will be able to erase duality perceptions in yourself and in the mass consciousness, even if the person you are holding compassion with doesn’t join you into actual physical change.

By giving someone a right to their pain, you allow the programmed perceptions that cut them off from being a powerful creator to come to the surface. And by learning to join their Spirit in Love, you give them a chance to discard those have/have-not perceptions and thus live an energetically vertical life.

Change your life and change the world with this exclusive workshop recording!

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