Discover your communication style!

4Way Communication Quiz

1. When making plans to go somewhere, you are most concerned with:

2. Which of the following most resembles how you describe your day?

3. When trying to solve a problem or make a decision, you:

4. Which if the following best describes how you approach something new?

5. How would you most like to be supported by family and friends?

6. In which way do you like to receive directions?

7. When you listen to someone tell a story, you enjoy hearing:

8. You believe something is wrong with your life when:

9. How would you decorate a new home?

10. If a person is giving you instructions, you attention is more drawn to:

Communication Quiz

Your Communication Style: Mental-Spiritual
Mental-Spiritual people are possibility thinkers. These are the ones that aren't satisfied until they have looked at a situation from several angles. They bring vision and expansion if given time to go through their sorting process.

Your Communication Style: Mental-Mental
A Mental-Mental person likes to have their facts in order. These are the detailed, organized people who are always either asking questions or giving answers.

Your Communication Style: Mental-Emotional
A Mental-Emotional person feels what is going on in a conversation. In fact, the subject for them is the emotional undercurrent. These are the people who can inject vitality into a seemingly lifeless situation.

Your Communication Style: Mental-Physical
A Mental-Physical person thinks in terms of what has been done and what needs to be done. Without these "get it done" folks around, little happens.