Soulmate or Cell Mate…which are you?

#1. You just had a fight with your partner and lost your temper. To make amends, you:

#2. Your partner gave you carnations for your birthday; you asked for roses. You:

#3. In considering the future with your partner, you decide:

#4. Your partner loves active play and you like quieter types of play. You:

#5. Your partner just got passed over for a promotion. You had a bad day too. You:

#6. Your neighbor's television has been disturbing your sleep. You:

#7. Your partner talks about past relationships; you get uncomfortable. You:

#8. Sometimes you think about life without your partner around. You'd:

#9. Your partner would like more passion during sex, and you'd prefer more tenderness. To compromise, you:

#10. Your partner's parents are coming for a visit. To prepare, you: