Soulmate or Cell Mate…which are you?

#1. You just had a fight with your partner and lost your temper. To make amends, you:

#2. Your partner gave you carnations for your birthday; you asked for roses. You:

#3. In considering the future with your partner, you decide:

#4. Your partner loves active play and you like quieter types of play. You:

#5. Your partner just got passed over for a promotion. You had a bad day too. You:

#6. Your neighbor's television has been disturbing your sleep. You:

#7. Your partner talks about past relationships; you get uncomfortable. You:

#8. Sometimes you think about life without your partner around. You'd:

#9. Your partner would like more passion during sex, and you'd prefer more tenderness. To compromise, you:

#10. Your partner's parents are coming for a visit. To prepare, you:

Soulmate or Cell Mate?

Congratulations! You have obviously learned that neither you nor your partner has to be perfect. You understand that all people carry an assortment of pleasant and unpleasant patterns and needs, but it is possible to look beyond those as a Soulmate.

You are a caretaker. Soon you will have no personal space. Feeling responsible for your partners' needs could destroy your own preferences and dreams. Reclaim your space.

You are in control. Your need to control is likely making your partner feel trapped in a cell mate relationship.