The Art of Creating by Jackie Woods

The Art of Creating – Workshop


We only divinely create through unity.
This live recording of a half-day workshop is the key to understanding this new way of creating a Oneness reality. Detailed instruction will train you to respond to hearts instead of lower body thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learn the secret for turning an I/THEY way of life into a US way of life.

When you are choosing to focus on a singular reality you will simply create more of it, but you can escape this pitfall by seeing more of your karma scripts as simply the manifestation of your lower human self not partnered with your spirit! With a little practice, you will be using the power of your breath to help create a space for your higher self to re-enter and work with your lower self.  In no time at all, you will have made Work into worship and “I” into “We.” The lower chakras of your human self will be fully partnered with the Oneness of the upper chakras and you will be living the two-part harmony of our creation!

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