4 Life Cycles Workshop

4 Life Cycles Workshop


Growth, Manifestation, Giving, and Receiving are your path to Oneness.

“Love, wisely shaped, becomes power.” To live this truth, you must take each of the heart energies that make up who you are through the 4 Cycles of Life.  This incredible recording of a full day workshop will be your guide on that journey.

Start by learning that paying forward the love you have claimed is what turns growth into a reality. Then step into manifestation, where life is no longer about what you can get, but more about what you can bring. Your time with the manifestation cycle will be complete when you master joined anchoring.  You’ll start using new terms like “synergy bases.”

Soon, you will be uniting with others in your expressions and you will discover that you don’t just choose the giving cycle. You become it. You will get so proficient at this that when you encounter a person that you can’t engage with, you will still be able to join their Spirit. In this way, you will have become all that you originally resonated with and wanted to grow. And then, the 4 Cycles will begin again with another heart energy!

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