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A career that will allow you to help and heal!

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Adawehi Institute has been teaching and changing the lives of healers for more than 20 years.

Our Energetic Development Trainer certificate program is a comprehensive series of our most popular courses. Is it for you? Let’s find out.

  • Do you feel called to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves?

  • Do you want to help your clients change their lives?

  • Do you want to draw more clients to you?

  • Do you see the state of the planet and want to do something to help?

If any of the above rings true for you, then the Adawehi Institute Energetic Development Trainer certificate program is for you!

Upon earning your Certificate, you will be able to:

  • Heal others by getting to the CAUSE of why they are stuck.
  • Get beyond fixing patterns and addressing symptoms.
  • Join with another person’s energy field where real healing happens.
  • Anchor powerfully into the world to bring the energy to the planet and your client.
  • Work with your clients in a much deeper more impactful way.
  • Draw to you more clients.
  • Heal yourself, others and the planet!
Jackie Woods

As a Certified Energetic Development Trainer, you will be able to return any willing client to a state of flow and put their energetic development back on track, allowing them to create a fulfilling reality again.

Adawehi Institute

The Adawehi Institute is located in the foothills of Western North Carolina on 125 acres of woodlands. Founded in 1998 by Jackie Woods, Adawehi has provided health and healing courses and services to thousands of individuals seeking change.

Russell Woods Instructor

All course material is authored by Jackie Woods, Founder and Director of Adawehi Institute. Jackie’s son, Russell Woods, is the Course Instructor at Adawehi Institute with more than 30 years experience teaching self-awareness courses.

Make a Difference!

If you are a Life Coach, Psychologist, Massage Therapist, Nurse, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, or any other healer or helper, consider this as the ultimate add-on skill to boost the success of your existing practice. Many practitioners make a career of this work, but it is also widely used as a complement to existing careers in the health field. People whose energetic development has become stuck or stalled start creating very negative realities for themselves and can exhibit symptoms such as sickness, mental health issues, interpersonal relationship problems, and the inability to manifest abundant financial flow.

Being certified by the Adawehi Institute as an Energetic Development Trainer allows you to help the person get to the cause of why they are stuck and begin creating a new reality for themselves! Become an Energetic Development Trainer in one year of part-time study. Three weekends of on-site classes and  interactive, home-study in between and you could be ready to practice this fulfilling profession!

Disclaimer: Being certified by the Adawehi Institute does not license you to diagnose or treat conditions as a psychologist or physician would.

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About the Program

To provide you with the most flexible curriculum, the majority of your coursework will be in a distance learning format. In-person classes take place over three weekends. You can earn your Level One Certification over a one-year period of part-time study!

Onsite Coursework

  • There will be (3) small group classes that you’ll attend with your fellow students. Each class is facilitated by Energetic Development Trainer Instructor, Russell Woods.

  • You’ll travel to the beautiful and serene Adawehi Wellness Village in the foothills of Western North Carolina for your onsite coursework where you will be immersed in a community of energy workers. Adawehi Institute is located at 93 Adawehi Lane, Columbus, NC 28722.

  • Onsite Courses take place on the 3rd weekend in May and September 2022 and January 2023. We ask that you arrive on Friday afternoon/evening. There will be a total of (3) courses over the weekend;  (2) on Saturday and (1) on Sunday morning.

Home-study Coursework

  • Your online, home-study coursework includes video instruction, learning materials, and an ongoing group discussion.

  • You can read or listen to your lessons at your convenience in the comfort of your own home! Note that you will be required to post (at any time) in the online discussions after you absorb each lesson.

Learning Objectives

These 4 skills will allow you to return any willing client to a state of flow and put their energetic development back on track, allowing them to create a fulfilling reality again. As a Certified Level One Energetic Development Trainer, you will be able to:

  • Read the "script" being shown by physical happenings in a client’s life.

  • Help clear reactionary emotions around those happenings to get to the love of an energy pointed out by that script.

  • Set definitions to anchor that energy in the client’s life.

  • Fill those definitions with joined power.

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Your Host Community

Adawehi Institute is located on the Adawehi Wellness Village campus. Adawehi was founded in 1998 by renowned Spiritual Teacher, Jackie Woods.  Jackie has delivered Truth, Light and Healing to those who live at Adawehi and beyond through her in-person, written and recorded teachings.

Over the years, Adawehi has become a vortex of light on the planet. You will feel it when you step onto the grounds. The residents of the community will provide a welcoming environment for you to resonate, learn and ground yourself. You will leave transformed.

During your three weekend intensives, you will live in a fully furnished community house with community members who are living a life devoted to the process that you will learn. Meals will be provided and you will be our guest at a community-wide dinner and have the opportunity to see energy-focused living first hand.

Adawehi Wellness Village LogoThe Adawehi Wellness Village includes 10 community houses, thousands of personal growth students (onsite and via the Internet), a healing center and conference center, health food store, greenhouses, gardens,exercise facility, and bed & breakfast. >> Learn More about Adawehi.

Meet Your Teachers

All course material is authored by Jackie Woods, Founder and Director of Adawehi Institute. Jackie is an expert in the field of self-actualization with more than 40 years teaching experience. Jackie brings healing through accelerated personal growth. Her teachings focus on Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living. Jackie lives her truths to the fullest. She has devoted her life to healing and teaching others to become true healers. Jackie has led thousands of individuals to the door of who they really are and holds everyone she meets in the truth of their higher self.

Jackie’s son, Russell Woods – LMBT, has partnered with Jackie in delivering truth and healing to the world for more than 30 years. He applies energetic principles to his revolutionary Deep Tissue Emotional Release healing sessions. His black belt in martial arts allows another mode of delivering energy to the world. Using martial arts principles, he teaches energy grounding and gives people the opportunity to feel the energy of who they are in their bodies. Russell has also provided continuing education courses to massage therapists nationwide and perfectly partners his wisdom with his mother’s love to teach others how to live powerful lives.

Jackie Woods
Russell Woods