Heart Matters Radio Archives

    Each of us is made up of a unique collection of Spiritual Qualities. Join me and my co-host and son, Russell Woods, as we explore a different Heart Energy (Spiritual Quality) on each show. Hearing examples and discussions from audience questions, you will recognize these qualities in yourself. As we discover and expand these Spiritual Qualities, we begin to hunger to share and join them with others.


    It’s all about Common Intent! Your life and the world can be changed…through Synergy!


    Are you just “having fun” or is it a heart energy – like Spontaneity? Live a full life with Spontaneity.


    When you let your sauce simmer down to its best flavor…now that’s Simplicity.


    What a wonderful variety of flavors of Purification we heard about today! Listen in to find yours!


    What is the sometimes subtle difference between real power and false power? Listen in and find out.


    Be a part of the International Day of Peace as we delve into the heart energy of Peace!


    Wow! How to be in Partnership and truly feel fulfilled. This show nails it!


    With every interaction, you have an opportunity to join in Oneness. Be a part of the planetary evolution and join Oneness.


    Obedience is simply listening to your Heart (or Soul) and acting from that place. You’ll actually feel more fulfilled, and not restricted, by doing this.


    Nurturing is seeing what’s special…in each moment. And, real nurturing will abound once YOU see what is special in YOU.


    Think of Mission is a journey, not a goal. It’s actually just being who you are.


    Loyalty means giving your time, money, and energy to what you believe in.


    Love is about connecting something real in yourself with something real in another person.


    Light is the spark of the Divine in each and every heart energy.


    Kindness is simply Love in action. Your Heart will bloom when Kindness is the gardener.


    Go beyond just temporary “feel goods” to a life a long-lasting fulfillment.


    Integrate your authentic self from top to bottom. With Integrity, you will recognize the purity of sacredness.


    Get in touch with that uplifting feeling in your mind and emotions that makes you want to take action.


    Humor not only lightens the mood, but has the ability to energetically cleanse the situation so we are able to see the Heart clearly.


    Humility dismantles the ego pedestal. This pedestal is based on better than/less than judgment that separates you from all that is.


    If someone is dishonoring towards you, learn to view it as an invitation to join them in the energy of Honor.


    Can there be too much Honesty? Is Honesty a necessary ingredient in a healthy relationship?


    Awesome show today! Find out how Health is really just the external manifestation of your internal care.


    Healing is like a kaleidoscope – let the light shine through and change your focus to allow yourself to see and experience new patterns.


    Harmony is much more than just getting along and feeling good. Hear how to create internal Harmony that will attract more Harmony in your life.


    If the Creative Force of Growth is the priority of your life, there will be change, and that change will be perfect.


    Gratitude is an essential part of growth. It takes you past shoulds, self-judgements, worries, any negativity to a full life of celebration.


    The Heart Energy of Grace wraps around all of our God-given gifts…to help bring Heaven to Earth.


    How can you know if a gift is given in true Generosity? Listen in and find out!


    Freedom is about how strongly you can hold the energy you are meant to be. WOW!


    What’s the secret to truly wiping the slate clean and moving on? The answer is revealed in today’s show.


    It’s really not that hard to remember who you are…with Focus as your guide.


    Learn to have Flow in all parts of you; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.


    Let your heart’s intent guide you in your Flexibility.


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