Welcoming Workshop by Jackie Woods

Welcoming Your Divine Self – Workshop


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Shift from seeing a creation as bad or karmic to seeing the same creation as a chance to welcome more love.

If you only listen to one recorded workshop this year, make it this one!

This experience will teach you how to access all seven of the states of being necessary to welcome oneness into your life: Love, Unity, Wisdom, Authenticity, Acceptance, Release, and Power.

  • You will learn about letting your heart decide what you are to feel instead of the situation.
  • You will begin turning singular expressions into united expressions.
  • You will finally understand how to change limiting perceptions that you honestly believed to be the truth for much of your life.

Ultimately, you will learn to recognize and dissolve internal self-hate language that causes you to reach for outside love and reach the point where a snub by an outside person becomes an opportunity to empower acceptance of who you really are. Begin replacing ego drama in your life through the unity of others!

By the end of this recording, you will understand what it means to give Love legs and Wisdom a voice!

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