Beauty is as Beauty Does by Jackie Woods
Adawehi Lettuce
Would, Could, Should
Perfect Creations by Jackie Woods
Failure To Launch by Jackie Woods
Dueling Perceptions by Jackie Woods
Checking Off the Boxes by Jackie Woods2023
What We Believe Manifests by Jackie Woods2023
Overcoming a Lack Mentality

Adawehi Institute’s Energetic Development Trainer (EDT) Certification Program is a compilation of Jackie Woods’ most popular teachings. The one-year program includes home-study online lessons and three onsite weekend intensives. It is truly life-changing!

If you are a Life Coach, Psychologist, Massage Therapist, Licensed Social Worker, Nurse, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, or any other healer or helper, consider this as the ultimate add-on skill to boost the success of your existing practice!

**Enrollment for the Winter 2023 trimester is open now.**