Overcoming a Lack Mentality

by Jackie Woods

Nearly everyone experiences unnecessary lack somewhere in their life. It may be lack of money, lack of confidence, lack of friends, or lack of fulfillment. But a lack mentality doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. It is simply programming that presents an outward picture of what you inwardly believe.

When I married, I took with me the same money mentality held by my folks, which was middle class. My husband brought his family’s money perception, which was dirt poor. So our standard of living was somewhere in between what we each knew growing up.

I became very proud of how well I could manage with little money. Then one day while meditating, I was clearly told that as long as I had pride in managing little, I would always create lack. It was clear to me that pride was my downfall. So I continued being frugal, but from the energy of stewardship.

Giving up the pride in my programming to love a quality from my real self, gave me the boost I needed to see and give up my lack-mentality around money. I started loving abundance with every cent I spent and with everything I received. This didn’t create us becoming rich, but things came to us just as we needed them.

That opened my eyes to other areas where a lack mentality reigned within my programming. I had never felt pretty. Oh, I had passable looks because I could dress up well, but I didn’t love the energy of beauty that was real within me. So I built on my stewardship/abundance lesson and switched from just trying to look good to loving the energy of beauty when I washed my face, when I dressed, and when I combed my hair.

I found that loving what my heart had to offer was so much more fulfilling than loving what I had been programmed to believe about myself and about life. I discovered that being proud of one’s programming will always create a lack mentality. Loving the qualities that are present in your heart, waiting to be acknowledged, erases it.

If you try this “Love Erasing Lack” plan, be certain you are reaching for the qualities of your heart to love rather than just trying to change your situation. Love has healing power and changes people from the inside out.

Would you like support in loving what your heart has to offer?

This recording by Jackie will help!Rerun Living by Jackie Woods