Should, Would, Could

by Jackie Woods

The thoughts “should, would, and could” can destructively work against you if you are not careful. They keep telling you that you should be able to discipline yourself more so that you would be able to accomplish what you know you could.

Because we live in a world where you are rated by how much you know and accomplish, instead of how much you are willing to learn and enjoy, the “should, would, and could” thoughts get emphasized by the outside world constantly. For most people that mental tape runs so continuously in their mind that they don’t even realize it is happening. But it constantly keeps them from celebrating who they are and what they have accomplished.

We all struggle to love our divine self. I believe most people could use a big dose of appreciation for the love facets that the creator endowed them with. However, the acceptance factor gets whittled away by the should, would, and could voices in our lower minds. For instance, how hungry were you for your parents to praise your report card rather than say you could have done better?

I had a heavy dose of “I should be sweet” instilled in me growing up. That “should” became so confining that I finally threw it away. But then my mind would ask, “Do you think that interaction would have turned out better if you “could” have been nicer?” So I would walk away determined that I “would” be nicer next time, but not swing to “sweet.” Of course, this meant I was still letting the same wound poison me.

Those three lower-mind thoughts, when given free rein, can do a great deal of damage. They can block your higher mind from affirming the love energies you have available. So if love is your goal, change those three thoughts to the love qualities of gratitude for the energy expressed, appreciation for what you have accomplished, and enthusiasm for what can be.

You will then be able to hear your divine self say, “I am grateful for the willingness you brought even though you are still learning how to do that task.” Then perhaps the crème de la crème would be to hear of new opportunities where your love could be expressed.

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