Perfect Creations

by Jackie Woods

We have been given free will which basically means that we get to choose what we create. And since creation happens from the inside out, if you don’t like what you are creating in some part of your life, know that it is just mirroring something inside of you.

I had a lump the size of a golf ball show up in my right armpit. It didn’t hurt or show unless I raised my arm. I wasn’t particularly concerned about it, since I figured it was just a clogged gland. Several months later I mentioned it to a friend, who was adept at reading life happenings symbolically. He suggested that since the muscle supporting the lump is the one that helps to lift things, internally I must be energetically trying to lift someone up.

I looked to see who I was trying to lift energetically to a higher place. It didn’t take much introspection to recognize my false sense of responsibility had snuck in to try to lift a student from her depression. And of course, you can’t take away a person’s desire to be miserable. So instead of worrying about her depression and trying to fix it, I started sending her the love I felt for her.

Once I started holding her in my heart rather than in my worry and concern, I knew the knot had served its purpose and could leave. I asked my reflexologist to work the spot on my foot that correlated to the place where the lump had formed. With her help and sharing my love with the depressed student, the lump has gone from the size of a golf ball to the size of a marble.

Even though having a lump appear under my arm didn’t seem like a perfect creation at the time, it was. Without that happening, I would have missed the opportunity to replace worry with love. Plus, this creation caused me to look further to places where false responsibility was blocking love.

Every external creation is a mirror of what is loved or unloved internally. It is a very simple plan that the Creator laid out for us. All you have to do to have perfect creations is to use each external creation as an internal mirror. That mirror will always provide you with your next love assignment. By seeing your creations as mirroring something inside of you, you will have a choice to create from love or continue trying to make things happen through mental worry, emotional stress, or physical pushing.

Would you like support in seeing your creations as mirrors?

This recording by Jackie will help!

Physical Voice of Spirit by Jackie Woods