Dueling Perceptions

by Jackie Woods

Until your higher mind has been given permission to audit your lower mind, your programmed perceptions will duel with others for supremacy. I am not talking about continually arguing with everyone, even though a good bit of that may happen too. I am talking about making a well-honed perception override a less-used one in another person. And of course, others will be doing that to you as well.

Most people would find the idea of being unconsciously controlled revolting. But the truth is that we frequently are controlled by others who have attached a lot of feeling support to a particular perception. This extra support gets even further strengthened if they have added physical action to it.

I have to admit, if there wasn’t a sure way to claim our real power things would look pretty dim. Thankfully there is. First, you will need to give up craving the false sense of power that feeds your ego when you are right. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever have the right answer or be confident in your answers. Of course you can. But having the right answer for you, not for them, will only happen when you learn to quiet the lower mind so you can hear your higher mind’s truth.

Yet we do love to let our minds chatter. Frequently that chatter doesn’t even concern us, but instead is about someone else. And, if you think about it it’s pretty silly considering everyone has access to their own wisdom. While it is bad enough that our minds chatter a lot of nonsense trying to imprint it on someone else is a travesty.

So to stop dueling for power, it would be more useful to let yourself and everyone else choose their own level of truth. If they choose to stay locked in the prison of their lower mind, you will not be able to dissuade them by trying to imprint your opinion on them. All that does is open you up for others to come duel with you.

Learn to quiet your mind through meditation so you can hear your higher mind. Then stay tuned to the station of higher truth throughout the day. This will bring a sense of peace and also a realization of power in your life.

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