A Prayer for Your Spiritual Journey

by Jackie Woods

I celebrate my life, the oneness of which I am a part.

I celebrate the synergy of all Wisdom. The all-knowing, universal Truth is mine. It works with me and through me to direct every aspect of my life. I can now understand that the Wisdom of others is mine also.

I celebrate the oneness, or synergy, of all Love that is part of me, and I am part of it. From the space of Love there is no judgment, only Discernment that sees and accepts the real. From the space of Love, I can also see the unreal, but it never becomes my focus. As Love, I can appreciate what Love others have in their lives because it resonates with me.

I celebrate the synergy of all Power as mine and me as it. I accept that this Power can literally change any and all things. Allies can be created in the midst of enemies. Abundance can flow while lack slithers all around. Obstacles can become bridges and dreams can come true. I now choose to support Power in others rather than be afraid of it because they are being that Power for me, not against me.


From the book, Journey to Ultimate Spirituality, by Jackie Woods

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