Living with Light Intent

by Jackie Woods

Without the intent to live a productive, light-filled life, all activity will just be busyness. It is by living life with the intent to shine the light of your spirit into every activity, that separates your value from the outcome. Instead, your value is increased every time you express your spirit’s light.

Living from the inside out allows you to engage all four of your expressions–body, mind, emotions, and spirit—as a team, with your spirit taking the lead. Unfortunately, it is our spirit that we oftentimes forget to include in the foursome. Sounds kind of silly to think that we would ever forget our most powerful part, but that is what happens when we leave the spirit out of the body, mind, emotion, and spirit team. For you see, it is only spirit that carries the intent to live a light-filled life. Without that intent our true essence gets hidden behind physical habits, emotional desires, and mental expectations.

Since it is your spirit’s light that provides fulfillment to your inner emotional desires, as well as mental guidance around physical activities, it behooves you to let spirit’s light support your whole team. Living this way means the goal of outcomes will fade into the background. Plus, people and happenings will no longer determine your worth or your happiness. Life will be lived from the inside out.

Recently a cousin of mine retired. He started doing woodworking to fill the space left empty from his job of many years. He brought to that woodworking an intent to express his spirit’s creativity and beauty. The products mostly turned out well, but since a good outcome was not his main goal, mistakes were also satisfying. His woodworking simply became an outlet for his spirit to express light.

It may sound impossible for mistakes to be as satisfying as success, or people’s opinion of you not to matter. But when your intent in life is to let your team of individual parts be led by your spirit, your life will be both productive and satisfying. It is then that the meaning of those two words will change.

So live each day with the intent of letting the light of your spirit lead the way. You will find that your body, mind, and emotions do best when they have proper guidance. Your spirit is a great coach, so let it lead.

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