Journey to Ultimate Spirituality


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Unravel the mystery of your soul’s journey. If you are ready for accelerated spiritual growth and real personal change, then venture beyond the bounds of your singular experience to the concept of Synergy…found within the pages of this book by Jackie Woods.

Never again will you feel over-matched or lonely on your spiritual growth path. The sometimes tedious experience of your daily personal growth lessons will be erased through a deeper understanding of spiritual Synergy.

Blow apart the old paradigms of Metaphysics (that seem so out of touch with real life) and actually change the way your Spirit grows. Deeply satisfying self-improvement and fulfillment doesn’t have to be a fantasy! Use the exercises in this book to get there. That’s right – not just concepts, but actual exercises that bring these principles home in every conceivable setting.

Jackie Woods unravels the mystery of the soul’s journey – this time for the more advanced seeker. Journey to Ultimate Spirituality is more than just another metaphysical or self-improvement publication. It is a guide to Oneness.

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