What is Your Sign?

by Jackie Woods

How many times have you been asked about your astrological sign? Probably more times than you wanted, unless of course, you are an astrologer. Well, don’t worry I am not asking. Nor am I pretending to be another Jeff Foxworthy and ask you about the signs that identify whether or not you are a redneck. Instead, I am asking you to look for what signs identify you as a person of love.

Any time you lose your intent to find the united love being offered in the hearts of those around you, you veer off your spiritual path. You will end up in the dead end of your programmed perception box unless you have a sign to guide you back to the unity of love.

Once you follow your sign to love, you will draw others to you who are also looking for love and the singular sign will become a billboard. The love emanating from this unified love will serve to counter the nasty programmed perception signs that proclaim love has to be earned rather than embraced.

Embracing yourself as love allows you to also embrace others as love. With this expansion of love, the meaning of life changes. Interactions will no longer be about proving yourself but about sharing yourself.

Let’s practice. Let’s say you have worked hard to perfect a task but either ran out of time, money, or skill, and it didn’t turn out the way you thought it should. You can either look for the love facet your spirit is offering or be upset that you weren’t enough. What is your sign? It is whatever quality you falsely feel is missing in you, instead of what is missing in the project. Reclaim it and let your sign become a billboard.

Would you like support in finding the love facet your spirit is offering?

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Meditation of Observation

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