Upgrading Emotional Responses

Upgrading Emotional Responses


Imagine what your life would be like without your outdated emotional responses!

Physically growing into an adult, doesn’t guarantee that your emotional responses progressed from when you first put them in place as a child. And rebelling against your parents’ beliefs is not consciously upgrading your internal recordings, either. In this new addition to the Conversations with Jackie audio recording series, the process of breathing out these old internal recordings and the follow up procedures are carefully detailed.

Each family has the recordings of their lineage. You can’t hand your children a blank slate, but you can teach them how to erase.

Resonance is more than matching thoughts, feelings, and actions with someone. It is about attuning those lower responses with your Spirit. Learn to use the powerful tool of attunement.

Many people become less willing to upgrade the older they become. Discover how you can be more flexible without being wishy-washy.

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