Creation's Story of Love

Creation’s Story of Love


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That which you don’t own, owns you!

Did you know that the duality of good/evil, success/failure, and right/wrong all started from a single seed of Selfishness? The selfish desire of a fallen angel for personal power over the physical world has led us away from partnering with the immense power of Love. This hard-hitting addition to the Conversations with Jackie audio recording series explains how to return to that realization that You Are Love and, once again, be a creator instead of trying to “manage” your life.

Anything you believe you have to “make happen” owns you. Money, friends, romance, etc. All of these things can become outside forces that we desperately chase after. Step beyond this inside/outside duality by claiming that your spirit already is the Love which creates it all.

This material is life-altering! You will explore the power of Community and see how it is an orchestra that adds volume and harmony to the powerful Love within your spirit.

Incorporating these teachings can even move you beyond the duality battle between good and evil and allow you to be in Oneness constantly. What are you waiting for?!!

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