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    by Jackie Woods

    Kindness doesn’t wear just one outfit. It can be a composite of any number of heart energies. For instance, my kindness usually has a base made up from the energies of honesty and covering. On that base, I hopefully will add whatever other heart energy the circumstance calls for.

    From that premise, kindness can get expressed in many different ways, depending on both the energies a person has to offer and the energies the other person can receive. What keeps us in balance is discerning what the recipient is able to claim of what we have to offer.

    Most of us would prefer just to wrap our package of kindness up and offer the same gift to everyone. But of course, when we do that and they aren’t grateful, we get our feelings hurt. Personally my hang-up comes when I expect everyone with whom I share kindness to receive my intent to cover them. If they can resonate the energy of covering with me, having that expectation works great. But if they can’t, I might falsely believe they are just not aware of how “kind” I am being.

    Just as we want to neatly package our kindness as a one size fits all, we also want to receive kindness in a certain way. For instance, I want honesty to be part of their kindness package or I am wary to receive it. But while it may not have the energy of honesty as one of its components, their kindness offering might have lots of compassion. And if I am only looking to see if honesty is up front and center, I may miss the whole package of their kindness gift.

    One of the energy components of kindness I am offering in this article is diversity. There is also my base of honesty and covering. Maybe just one, maybe none, of those energies resonate with you right now. But hopefully it will make you more aware of the diversity of kindness.

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