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by Jackie Woods

Recently my son gave me a book about four high school girls who made a pact to play the “Lying Game.” They received ten points if they were believed. They received five points for trying. And even though the points meant nothing, they still got to be part of the clique. The hurtful, and in some cases devastating, consequences of their lies became “dark spaces.” And those “dark spaces” hung heavily in their conscious for many years.

While most people would put their name on the list as “little white lie” contributors, few would recognize how those white lies can create rather large dark spaces. And yes, the dark spaces become burdens they unknowingly carry around. Since every moment of every day our words either produce light or an absence of light, one bad day can generate a space of darkness. So the next day, because of the previous day’s absence of light, you wake up feeling tired and in a bad mood.

You had no intent to tell lies and certainly no intent to create more heaviness. But you forgot for a day who you are. And from that overcast space, you forgot that your spirit is the producer of light. From that place of forgetting, you can eventually become the things that need to be done, the hurtful words someone said to you, or you just become the exhaustion your sleeplessness has caused. The furthest thing from your mind is that you are a divine creation who is capable of creating light. You are just someone trying to make it through another day. And when someone asks, “How are you?” you do a fake smile and say, “Fine.”

In that moment, since the word “Fine” was not connected to the real you, you were lying. Thus, you created another absence of light. So unless you recognized the path leading away from your true self, you will continue to feel your way in the dark. In other words, you will have agreed to play the lying game.

Even though most people prefer honesty to lying, they lie to themselves when they forget, even for a day, who they are. Unfortunately, that forgetting puts many people in the “lying game” even though they would never consciously agree to play such a game. So to stay firm in your refusal to play the game, all you have to do is remember that you are a carrier of light.

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