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by Jackie Woods

Seldom do we believe that we are holding on to just one end of a polarity pole. But frequently we are. And while that position may feel good and right for us, it is only one half of the whole. To become whole, you must accept that both ends of the pole are there to help you find your way to center. And frequently it takes someone we care about who is swinging on the opposite end to pull us to center.

Let me give an example so you won’t think I am talking gibberish. Once upon a time, I had a neighbor who was totally into classical music. She listened to it constantly, talked about it to anyone who would listen, and entertained herself by attending concerts featuring Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart. I also like those composers, so at first I fit her definition as a worthwhile person. However, when she found out that I also like gospel music as well as the “Oldie Goldie’s” of rock music, she cut me off completely.

Obviously, she was on one end of the polarity pole around music and I was on the other. My choice, however, was to accept her preference as fine for her, and mine for me. This allowed me to see her as the sensitive/passionate person that she was. I was disappointed that her polarity choice meant we could not be friends, but I was grateful to feel heart-centered when I walked past her house.

Since you can only discover love when people’s preferences no longer pull you away from your spiritual heart, it is important to recognize when you are hanging on one end of a polarity. Sometimes recognition will come from your upset or judgement, and sometimes it will come from theirs. But neither can keep you from making your way to center.

Reaching center does not mean that either of you must give up your preferences. But it does mean you will need to recognize that both their worth and yours exist beyond those choices.

As long as two people insist on the separation of polarity, love will not exist between them. Since our spiritual hearts are doorways to love, they alone provide the opportunity to see and join each other’s inner worth. So step away from polarity and find love.

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