Spiritual Energy Cycles by Jackie Woods

Spiritual Energy Cycles


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Begin working with the energy behind your physical world.
Look behind the curtain to see and understand the flow of spiritual energy that really makes up our world. There, you will find all you need to become the powerful creator of your Heart’s desire.

Experience true healing and personal growth.
You don’t have to work hard to conquer all of your problems. You can start feeling the deepest satisfaction and spiritual growth possible today, in fact, right now – just by knowing how to use the simple techniques of stimulating and directing your true inner power as described in this book!

Embrace your soul’s growth process.
Learn to work with your ‘Growth & Manifestation’ process instead of against it. See how this process can help you make personal changes in your life that last!

With the help of this wonderfully straight-to-the-point book, you will begin to turn everything that happens in your life from a stumbling block into a stepping stone. The ladder of a person’s spiritual growth is climbed one rung at a time. Each new rung reached on this ladder means you have learned a lesson and replaced an unhealthy habit or pattern of expressing. Every pattern you heal empowers the collective consciousness of man and makes it easier for others to expand themselves. And, as our consciousness is healed, our planet is healed. Welcome to a world of Oneness!

This book contains the framework of Jackie Woods’ teachings and is a must for anyone seeking personal change and spiritual growth.

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