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Life’s Building Blocks

Most people’s lives are a mixture of enjoyable and not so enjoyable acts. And while a person wants to balance the scales on the side of what feels good, the enjoyable acts of the present may not serve as foundation stones for the future. In order for what you do today to serve you in the days, weeks, and even years to follow, each act must put down a layer of energetic intent. These acts of intent will be fulfilling instead of simply enjoyable.

An energetic intent is brought into your action when one of your loved character qualities (i.e. heart energies) is defined in such a way as to give it access to your physical world. When a quality that you love has a clearly delineated plan of expression, the manifestation of that energy will program into your unconscious mind that you are the owner and lover of that energy. It is now yours to use in small everyday matters, and yours to use in setting goals for the future.

In other words, it is important to see the everyday happenings in your life as opportunities to strengthen love. As you love yourself more, your everyday actions become increasingly stronger in their energy imprint. You might even picture it as energetic muscle building. You not only will be claiming ownership of your divine self, but you will be contributing to the world around you as well.

For example, one of my bigger qualities is Vision. The main quality to partner with my vision is Focus. These two heart energies, or qualities, then are able to keep the space of possibilities open while at the same time staying focused on the goal I hope to reach with my visionary picture.  Then as the Vision continues but a ripple appears to obscure the clarity of the picture, my Focus can step in and get me back on track. And even if my definitions of how I should physically proceed fail to perform the way I had hoped, my intent will still be in place to redefine another approach.

The success of a performance does not determine whether there was an energetic layering of your loved quality. It is the intent to bring it that is the architect in this strength-building project.  So don’t worry about how you look during a physical action, nor do you need to worry about how it turns out. You can always redesign the way you do something, but you can’t always go back and refill the divine energy of your being into an action robotically or fearfully done. Seeing your life as an on-going construction project, where the material used is your character qualities, will allow you to keep developing as a worthwhile human being, and there will be no filler. When success is the goal, then will-power is the filler. When looking good is the goal, then style may become your filler. And when indifference is the theme of your life, then boredom will be the filler.

Everyday can become an energetic layering of your God-given qualities, or everyday can become the building of an ego fortress for an imaginary inner god.  The choice is yours. It really isn’t that difficult to define your life in such a way as to empower who you were intended to be. And the results will be amazingly wonderful.