Winning Against the Dark Side

by Jackie Woods

Remember the Star Wars movies? They were a huge success, because people like to be reassured that light can overcome the darkness. And Luke Skywalker made it perfectly clear that you must conquer the dark inside of you before you can conquer the dark outside.

The divisive energy that is now prevalent in our world is indeed dark. It constantly fights against the outer unity we long for. So how can we win against this dark force? I believe it will do us well to follow Luke’s example and look inside to conquer our inner demons. These fears and selfish desires create holes in our inner light space. They not only destroy inner unity but keep us from creating it outside of ourselves.

I believe all of you would like to include your fellow humans as part of your light team. But we not only let our inner demons block this unity, we let their inner demons get in our way as well. I’ll admit it is difficult to deal with someone who has a smaller piece of unity than you do. But it is also difficult not to feel threatened when someone has a bigger piece.

So where does that leave us? When we don’t want to include smaller pieces of unity and we don’t want to include bigger pieces of unity, we need to do some inner house cleaning. As I said before, our inner fears and selfish desires create holes in our light space. These inner demons can keep us stuck in a small space of light for our whole life.

We know it is not impossible to have a different lifestyle than we grew up with. Many of you have. However, if you were one of those who expanded beyond your family’s light-space, you might still have some judgment towards the folks with whom you had the initial struggle. Beware of this, because to hold onto a dark space of judgment while at the same time claiming a bigger light space means you have dirtied up your new light space.

Some people claim to have no judgment or fears. In other words, they believe themselves to be all light. If that includes you, then let me congratulate you on your progress. But if you feel you are done expanding light, then that is a dark space. Light has no end. Until there is world unity, we each and every one need to keep offering more light to win against the dark side.

Would you like support in offering more light?

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Comfort Zone of Woundedness by Jackie Woods