Who Are You Really?

by Jackie Woods

If asked to introduce yourself, how would you respond? Would you talk about your job, your family, your lifestyle? These are the most common forms of introduction. But what if instead you named the qualities of your essence that you have presently claimed? You might introduce yourself by saying, “I am gentle, supportive, and have a lot of structure.”

If you identified the heart qualities that you express most frequently in your introduction, would you be embarrassed? Probably so because you would be stepping outside the normal way people introduce themselves. And it is usually by sticking with normal that makes us feel safe and accepted. In fact, we often won’t even admit to ourselves our true identity rests in the qualities we have welcomed from our spirit’s bounty, which resides outside the norm.

Isn’t it strange that we feel embarrassed about acknowledging the real parts of ourselves, when it is those qualities that allow us to make job, family, and lifestyle work. This reticence to be forthcoming about who we are may happen because we feel that acknowledging the qualities that we are offering is bragging, when in truth, it is just an invitation for joining.

Since in the bigger scheme of things, our spirits are all connected, any time we express a quality, we become part of a bigger energetic framework. For instance, when we share kindness, we are able to do so because a lot of people have already contributed that quality to the bigger framework in which we live.

So try introducing yourself to yourself in the morning before stepping into the bigger space of daily expressing. In fact, you might try standing in front of the mirror each evening and say aloud who you have been that day. And it wouldn’t hurt to acknowledge your contributors. For instance, you might say, “Today I have been strength, purity, courage, and my contributors have been, Sue, Linda, and John.”

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, try journaling your introduction. The method is not as important as the acknowledgement.

Would you like support in introducing yourself to yourself?

This recording by Jackie will help!

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