What is the Truth?

by Jackie Woods

I had a cousin who loved to tell “tall tales.” And he obviously knew he was fooling nobody, because when he did have an honest statement to share, he would always preface it with, “This is the truth.” At least he knew the difference between his truths and untruths. And while you might think it is obvious, discerning the truth is often difficult.

We make it difficult because we are attached to our truths. We frequently associate what we believe is who we are. Instead, we should acknowledge that we ARE love. Then, who we are is what we believe. Once we accept that truth-love comes from our hearts instead from our mental perceptions about love, then truth becomes scaffolding to support us in expressing who we are. In other words, when truth becomes the temporary base for our ever-expanding love, then being who we are evolves into supporting who we are becoming. With this change in perception around truth, your spiritual heart will take the lead in your life.

So basically, if what you claim as truth does not keep up with your heart’s ability to expand love, it is outdated. For example, my religious, political, economic, as well as family truths have all undergone change in my lifetime. Unfortunately, allowing truth to evolve has sometimes seemed painful. For in that in-between state of knowing who I was and who I was becoming, the old truth scaffolding had to be removed to make room for the new. This can feel unsettling.

But if I refocus on my heart, I can gain patience (and even excitement) around the transitional state. With my focus on love overriding the fear of change, I can be open to new love pieces offered by others to help rewrite my truth script. However, if I hold on to friends and family that have chosen to stick to their same beliefs, then the space we share will remain small. It doesn’t mean love will go away. It just means that the love space will stay the same size it has always been.

So what is your choice? Do you define from the love that you are or from your programmed perceptions of love? One allows you to continually expand, while the other keeps you stationary. To choose stationary truth is a death wish for love. For you see, love is always expanding. It is never stagnant.

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