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The Receiving Cycle

by Jackie Woods

Recently I gave a workshop on “The Four Life Cycles.” Of the four —growth, manifestation, giving, and receiving — receiving is what the workshop attendees said was their weakest. And probably that is true for most folks.

I think we get so used to dealing with the everyday issues of life that we forget to be aware of the heart gifts that are coming back to us. This is unfortunate on many levels. First and foremost, when we reject a heart gift, our unconscious mind records that we don’t deserve love. And pretty soon our programming proclaims that we are to give to life but not receive from it.

So instead of stepping onto the normal four-cycle progression, we halt progress. We become unconscious of the energy gifts your heart has drawn to us. And each time we reject a love facet offered, the receiving “love door” in our life gets pushed shut just a little bit more.

My grandmother was the most giving person I have ever met. She gave generously of herself to everyone who lived close by. But I seldom saw people give back. It appeared to me as a teen that they just expected her to do all the giving. At first, I faulted her “friends” for being selfish, until I finally realized that grandmother didn’t expect a return.

So to “fix” the deficit, I decided to redecorate her house when she went to visit her sister. Now understand I was a teenager and had no idea that home decorating was a very personal thing. I moved furniture, rehung pictures, and even reorganized her kitchen cabinets. Even though this may not have been a wise gift, it was very much a love gift.

She thanked me graciously and honestly for doing such a big thing for her. However, I am not too sure she was happy about the changes. But my goal was accomplished. Her receiving of my energy gift (more than the physical one) did open up her heart’s door enough for her to start receiving. She began mentioning to me the kindness and generosity of others. This was one of those eye-opening events for me. I realized that gratefully receiving the energy that is being offered, opens the door for more love to enter. You get to step onto the receiving cycle of life.

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