Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

by Jackie Woods

Remember how the wicked witch in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” would go to her mirror for reassurance? She would ask the mirror if she was still “the fairest of them all.” To which, the mirror would always reassure her that she was “the fairest.” Then one day the mirror informed her that she had been replaced by Snow White, who was now “the fairest in the land.”

While we don’t have a magic mirror such as that of the wicked witch, we do have people’s patterns as mirrors to reflect back to us our “fairness” or lack thereof.  If the “mirror” does not assure us of our “fairness,” it is because we have a pattern that is clouding our view of the quality our heart is wishing to have acknowledged.

For instance, it used to really bother me for someone, who didn’t know me, to gush about how glad they were to meet me. After these interactions, my pattern mirror would always tell me that I was no longer “fair.” And no matter how polite I would try to be in those circumstances, the pattern mirror would later give back the image of an angry person instead of a heartful one.

Thus, to stay “fair” in these introductory situations, I had to start loving the friendliness offered by their heart instead of their fake pattern. Then it would no longer matter how the other person presented themselves. We have no control over the patterns of others, but we can still find their heart intent underneath the pattern. And since everyone has a heart that is “fair,” it is worthwhile to stop bumping into each other’s patterns and discover the wonder of bumping into hearts.

Being able to resonate with the real energy of friendliness has just been one of the many gifts my mirror of patterns has supported me in discovering. And while there are some irritations that are more tenacious than others, the “mirror of patterns” keeps me honest. In fact, checking to see if a current pattern fits the “fairness” of my heart has not only made me more honest but much happier.

If you can’t see the quality of another’s heart, then you are not “the fairest in the land.” By looking at your true reflection every day, you will be able to keep your mirror clear and hearts connected. Your mirror reflection is uniquely yours. It is like a friend who not only tells you the truth about heart love but offers support in owning it.

Would you like support in seeing the quality of another’s heart?

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