Created by the Creator

by Jackie Woods

The creative force that runs through all life is called by many names.  The most common name in the United States is God or Great Spirit (if you are Native American). But in other countries, they give the creative force other names such as Buddha, Yahweh, or Allah.

While the belief systems of the different religions vary, the core belief that there is a force responsible for creating us is the same. But the followers of these different beliefs frequently get caught up in the differences instead of the sameness. And the sameness is that we are created by the creator and thus are an extension of creation. Which in my mind says we have the power to create.

Art, music, friendships, business enterprises, and families are all expressions of the creative force moving through us. I am not sure why people are afraid to claim that they are part of that force and thus have the power to create. Perhaps it is because they don’t want to take responsibility for their creations. Or maybe it’s because they feel inadequate and thus feel separate from that power.

If we fully accept that we are a product of the creative force, we will also realize that we are not alone in our ability to create. It is only when we believe we are separate that we lose our joined power. And the interesting thing about giving up your creative power is that you don’t stop creating. You just don’t create in alignment with the creative force.

Alignment with the creative force means that your desire to create is for the good of the whole because you are part of the whole. This doesn’t mean you can’t create the money you need, the love you need, the spiritual growth you need, or the lifestyle you need. But all those things must connect you to the creative force in others rather than separate you.

Staying connected to the creative force of life means that when you pray, meditate, or just walk in nature, you allow yourself to feel that connection. From that connected place, whatever intent you hold will become a reality. But praying or meditating because you feel powerless means you are not claiming yourself to be part of creation.

It is so easy to let oneself feel separated from the whole of creation.  Our programmed feelings of inadequacy want to crowd in to say, “You can’t be more than you are right now.” You can!  Just feel your connection to the creative force of which you are a part.

Would you like support in connecting to the creative force?

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