A Unity Intent

by Jackie Woods

When you fill your mind with an intent to be, find, and bring unity, it pushes out your singular perceptions of how your life should look. Holding this unity intent gives your mind a focus so it doesn’t go wandering off to find problems that haven’t yet occurred. It holds neediness at bay. And it gives your life purpose.

Holding an intent for unity reminds you that we are all angelic brothers and sisters, birthed from the same creator. We are each a unique composite of heart qualities, but they only come to life when resonating from person to person.

To experience that high caliber sharing, your mind has to have an intentional focus for unity. It is that intent that shifts your awareness from the sameness or difference that our minds have been trained to look for. In other words, a unity intent opens up your life to experience what is real in a person rather than what is like or different from you.

Since, on life’s journey, we are often distracted by the minutiae of the day, we can easily get tunnel vision. This causes us to lose focus on the bigger picture of what we offer each other. We can get so caught up in caring for our emotional and physical needs that we forget that our spirit has needs. Our spirit needs to exchange its qualities with those of others.

Thankfully our spirit makes its sharing easy. All we have to do is open our minds to the truth that we are meant to be united through the resonance of our spirit’s qualities. This opens our hearts to the higher vibrations of love that fill up all the spaces of lack. It will raise our thinking beyond sameness and difference and open our hearts to love.

The safety of love allows us to share our small qualities so that they can be nurtured and grow. Our big qualities will be able to support us in fulfilling our life’s purpose, which is found through the sharing of our spirits. Life is meant to be fulfilling. But that can’t happen if we try to fulfill our purpose all by ourselves. We need help from the qualities of others’ hearts.

With a unity intent, your spirit will recognize that it is part of a unit. And that unit generates the love necessary for wisdom to unfold and the power of unity to unfold. Your part may seem small but when added to the whole of unity it is huge.

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Unity by Jackie Woods

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4 replies
  1. Kathryn Louise
    Kathryn Louise says:

    Hello Jackie
    Was not aware we could comment here, I never scrolled down far enough
    I looked forward to your post every month
    Thank you so much

    I need community and unity. Community has escaped me my entire life and it has been lonely
    Love and mantrams
    Kathryn Louise

    • Jackie Woods
      Jackie Woods says:

      Kathryn Louise, thank you so much for joining us each month. I would love to meet you sometime.
      In Family, Jackie

  2. Connie
    Connie says:

    I love connecting with your mission through your articles. I’ve been studying and working with the role of intensity in connecting and would love to hear your take on it.

    • Jackie Woods
      Jackie Woods says:

      Thank you, Connie, for interacting.

      People tend to think of love as a soft, warm-fuzzy. And while love can be intensely soft. It can also be intensely tough. Whatever is needed will be pulled from you. My youngest son was a boundary pusher. I had to intensely love structure in order to tap into his piece of structure. And while that took a while, he finally could join me in loving structure to the size that he was willing to own it.

      Hope I at least touched on what you were looking for.
      In appreciation, Jackie


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