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Uncovering One’s Essence

by Jackie Woods

Have you ever been asked to introduce yourself? Usually that comes during job interviews and with new acquaintances. What do you say? Do you share about your job or your hobbies? These are probably the safest areas to share. And while there is nothing wrong with sharing about either of those things, they tell little about the energies of one’s essence that they have expressed through those activities.

For example, I help people unearth their programmed patterns in order to uncover authenticity. And yes, that tells you something I do, but it doesn’t tell you who I am while I am doing it. But if I tell you that I am offering the heart energies of Clarity and Healing while I do my job, then you have a deeper level of understanding of who I am as well as how I express who I am. By identifying my essence, we will both have an understanding of where we can energetically connect. Yes, we can also participate physically in the doing, but participating in the Being is what adds dimension.

I know a man who readily shares with me about his children. And I have concluded from his sharing that he believes physical attention is a big player on the parental love scene. My picture of parental love is more about acknowledging the energy each child is expressing as they act out their life. These two concepts of how to express our essence facets of love vary, but we can still energetically connect around love. I simply need to accept his love being as real for him as mine is for me. Said another way, by letting our essences be the focus rather than our expressions, then we can share love.

However, there are times when it is important to have both our Being and our doing match with another person. When that need arises, just make sure you don’t let the focus be on the doing and leave out the Being. For it is only when the qualities of our essence come together that we can have a true connection in the physical.

Recently the importance of this truth has been pointed out in several schools. They use the term “character qualities” instead of “essence.” But nonetheless, our children are receiving a different training than that with which I grew up. When I was in school, popularity was considered to be the most important “quality” a person could have. And it didn’t really matter how one achieved it. For instance, I knew one girl who gained popularity by bullying others. Her “followers” followed out of insecurity, not the quality of Friendship. It wasn’t that this girl, or her followers, didn’t have valuable qualities in their essence treasure chest. Of course they did. Everyone does! But they had not been trained to see their essence as a point of connection. Had they discovered that they already were the energy of Friendship, they could have shared it.

Every time you bring your being to your doing, you will uncover yet another piece of the quality that makes up who you are.

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