Secret Feelings

by Jackie Woods

Secrets feelings take up space in our energy field. They are kept secret and hidden because we either feel they are unworthy to be noticed by us, or we are afraid they will create havoc if seen by others. So often folks prefer a little energetic clutter to what they perceive to be the chaos created by sharing. But what is often misunderstood is that instead of feelings generating clutter and chaos, they simply open up a space to be filled by one’s heart.

Most people will tell you their goal is to live a heart-focused life. But saying it and living it are two different things. To live it, you will have to be honest with yourself about whether you believe your heart to be more powerful than your feeling. And, to take it a step further, you will need to believe the energies of your heart to be more powerful than people’s reaction to your feeling.

But if trust in the power of your heart wobbles a bit, then when a co-worker acts as if you are incompetent, you might just swallow your anger in order not to cause a scene, and forget about it by the time you get home. It takes a lot of trust in your heart-given abilities to let love for yourself be stronger than your anger at the insult. Oh yes, you can tell the co-worker you don’t appreciate the slight. But you can walk away knowing your heart is more powerful than their insecurity.

Feelings that are not used in service to your heart become hidden, secret feelings. They cause your aura to have dim spots and your physical body to have toxin. They block the heart from its full expression, and take up space that could be dedicated to loving who you are. Plus, anytime you are dishonest about your true self, you will be dishonest with those close to you. This in turn energetically muddies up your relationships.

When a secret feeling first enters a relationship, it might not make much of an impact. But once you knowingly or unknowingly start hiding your feelings, you will unconsciously send the message to others that you can’t be fully honest and thus truly heartful with them. And what further complicates this situation is that once a feeling becomes a secret, it is not easy to find it without a little help from a heartful friend or a therapist. So why keep secrets from yourself?

Secret feelings diminish your love quotient. So commit to honestly sharing and heartfully replenishing each feeling space.

Would you like support in replenishing each feeling space?

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