Energitic Parenting by Jackie Woods

Energetic Parenting


In “Energetic Parenting,” Jackie Woods reveals a meta-tool that works with any parenting style or technique you are already using. It transcends the parent/child interaction and guides you through the process of looking for the character quality being offered. The beauty in Jackie’s wisdom is that it can be applied not only to your children, but to all of your relationships – at home, at work and within yourself!

Her discussions about parenting translate beyond parent and child interaction. They carefully guide you through the process of coaching your child in how to look for the character quality being offered when interacting with teachers and other adults.

Develop your children’s character rather than just modify their behavior. For example, help your children to say “Thank you,” while expressing the spiritual quality of Appreciation, rather than just “doing the right thing.” And through teaching them, you learn too!

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