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    The Heart Energy of Delight

    by Jackie Woods

    Each week we post a heart energy on this website inviting people to synergize with us in bringing a particular facet of light to the planet. A few weeks ago, the invitation was to meditate on, and then physically anchor, the heart energy of Delight. I was very excited about getting to expand this energy. Don’t you agree that expanding Delight in your life and the in the world sounds delicious? It certainly did for me.

    However, instead of feeling expanded, I got very sick. Since I teach that we manifest our current reality, I had to look at what was happening differently now that Delight had become the subject. I realized that I was cheating a bit, not much but a bit, on my health definition. Of course I was rationalizing that a bit of sugar here and bit of gluten there was okay since it was Christmas time. My very sensitive body didn’t seem to agree with that rationalization.

    Of course I could have stopped with the food and health script, but I knew that it had to be bigger than that because I was very sick. So I dug deeper. I realized that in the bustle of Christmas activities, I had stopped feeling Delight around the unexciting things, like people’s feeling of overwhelm or even their anger at the commercialization of Christmas. I could feel Delight when I believed I had found the perfect gift for someone, but I realized that is not the same thing as having delight be the subject instead of the gift.

    So I took this awareness into meditation and was given a clear message of how to bring Delight into the not-so-delightful spaces. It was simple. Start at the very beginning of a situation with Delight. To do that, I had to love the birthing process. Here is what happened. When someone was complaining about the latest bump in their life’s journey, I sympathized with their pain of giving birth, but at the same time held Delight in my heart that a new heart energy was being birthed.

    In fact heart births are very similar to human births. You can support the release of pain by breathing it out and support the new energetic life by using the breath to push it into the physical. So please join me in heart birthing. It is a delight!

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