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    Upgrading Your Commitments

    by Jackie Woods

    What do you commit to? Is it a job, a marriage, a friendship, looking good, paying your bills on time? All of these are worthwhile causes into which you can put your energy. But is it the cause or the energy that deserves your commitment?

    I have watched couples stay together and destroy each other because they were committed to their marriage vows. And while divorce probably wouldn’t change their value system of being committed to the form rather than the energy, staying committed to vows without the support of the heart is not a solution either.

    So how can you fulfill your agreements and stay committed to your Heart? First of all, you need to check with your Heart to see if the energy needed to fulfill an agreement is in alignment with your Heart’s list of priorities. In other words, what does the real you have to offer? Just following lists made up by others may work for them but leaving out your Heart will do nothing for you but increase your insecurities.

    Here’s another example of how being committed to outside causes might play out. You probably make an effort to always pay your bills, which is a very good habit to have. But it is a tiresome task if it is the form of paying bills that you are committed to. However, should you upgrade your commitment to making bill paying be about the heart energy of flow, then every bill you send out will expand you as well as those that receive your money.

    This principle of heart commitments holds true in every area of your life. Thus, the answer to life expansion is to upgrade your commitments. Think about it. What if all your friendships were upgraded from person commitment to heart commitment? Not only would this expand you but the other person as well. Doing so would not only change your patterns of behavior, but make the petty behaviors and upsets of others seem less important.

    So take a look at your commitments and see if any of them need upgrading. Your Heart will be pleased to be included.

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