Duality Relationships

    by Jackie Woods

    I am sure you have heard the saying that opposites attract. This is very often the case. And there is a reason for it – the reason being that we need a constant mirror of the part of our chakra system that we refuse to parent. For instance, if you would rather not deal with strong feelings, then you might need to attract someone who activates your emotional chakra. You may not realize they are being supportive, but they are. They are keeping your emotional chakra from shriveling up and dying.

    And while you may not believe you ever shut down mentally, people frequently won’t open their minds to one half of their brain. So right brained people need to pull to them left brained people and vice/versa. The purpose of having relationships with people who think differently than we do is to open up our mental chakra.

    So you may ask, “Why do I need to open up my emotional or mental chakras?” Only by opening up your lower mind and your lower desires can you provide a space for your higher chakras of love and wisdom. Of course, if you don’t want more love in your life, or if you don’t want wisdom to powerfully guide you, then duality relationships will probably be objects of your disdain.

    But if you wish to bring love and wisdom powerfully into the world, you will want to find people who are physically walking their talk in order to make a difference in the world. If you can hold hands with these people, the differences in your lower chakras will no longer seem like an unnecessary hassle. They instead will become the reminder that you have higher chakras wishing to gift you.

    So welcome the “opposites” in your life. Let them help to pull you back into an internal unity when you become attached to your “same ole same ole.” Let duality become a gift by using its opposition as a mirror to point the lack of balance within your chakra system.

    The next time someone is driving you crazy with a different way of feeling or thinking, stop and receive their gift of balance. By opening your lower chakras to the love, wisdom, and power available from the higher chakras, you will draw to yourself those people who will join you in making a difference in the world.

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