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Do you shop or create?

by Jackie Woods

I recognized the difference between shopping and creating when I went store-hopping with a friend who loves to shop. She likes to look, touch, try-on, and buy. She shops for the experience rather than to send out her energy with the intent of a return. The latter is my preference. Actually, I don’t like the experience of shopping, but I love to create. So if you have a preference for the experience of creating over the experience of just shopping, let me share my secrets with you.

First and foremost, you must prefer heart energies to physical items. That doesn’t mean the energies you send out aren’t to be directed to physical items, but the energy return must be a priority over the object return. Secondly, you need to visualize the physical object as having an energetic heart. That energetic heart will be the pulsing energy of its purpose.

This doesn’t mean you never have to go shop for things. Of course you do. They don’t usually just fly in your door. However, I must say I have had a lot of gifts given to me through this creating process. And almost always I find the items I am creating at a discounted price. However, finding great buys is not part of everyone’s creating process. It is mine because I express a lot of stewardship energy in my living.

Recently I went shopping for my neighbor, who needed a washing machine. Since we live in the country, the one making the trip to a shopping area oftentimes offers their service. So I listened carefully to their description of needs around a washing machine and created a mental picture with an energetic heart. The heart-energies they were describing were stewardship and quality. Thus, I was drawn to the store not by the machine but by those two energies.

When I got to the store, it looked as if I was going to have to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to meet their picture of stewardship or vice versa. I picked out the best I could find in their price range. However, when the machine was delivered, it was the higher priced one at the lower price. We had been upgraded because the store’s competitor was running a special on the higher priced model.

So do you shop or create? At least you now have a choice.

Would you like support in creating a mental picture with an Energetic Heart?

These selected recordings by Jackie will help.

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