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Crossing the Border from Me to Us

by Jackie Woods

Self-awareness is a good thing when trying to discover patterns that don’t work. But if we never move beyond self-awareness, we exclude ourselves from becoming part of a community of hearts. So the question is – how can that happen?

It is a big step to begin thinking in terms of we, us, and ours instead of I, me, and mine. But it is that step that allows you to expand your vision beyond the selfish patterns of both you and them. Then once you cross over the border from your programmed patterns to the heart energy wishing to be seen and known, you will be able to see the true essence of others, as well as recognize your own.

No one wants to think of themselves as self-centered. In fact, no one really is self-centered. They just have let themselves become boxed in by boundaries they have erected to keep themselves safe. However, safety doesn’t happen in exclusion.  Since it is our very essence we are trying to protect, we can shut it out to be safe.

I am sure you have heard that there is safety in numbers. I am not sure that large numbers of physical, mental, or emotional people is really safe. But large numbers of heartful people creates an energy barrier of light that keeps the dark of self-centeredness out.

Even in your most limited awareness of how hearts connect, you will recognize that something is amiss when they are absent. You will not be fully happy until you have allowed yourself to experience such things as connection, compassion, and support. These are ‘us’ experiences.  These are times when two hearts connect all the way into the physical.

So how can you become a community of hearts?  You must cross the border from me to us. And you can do that only by pushing the boundaries of self-awareness out far enough to include an awareness of others. This doesn’t mean you become responsible for their needs but responsible for loving who they are all the way down to your actions.

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