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Word Bubbles

by Jackie Woods

There is a game on Luminosity called “Word Bubbles.” It gives you two or three letters from which you are to make up words as fast as you can. You get points for speed and number of words. Plus, extra points are given for complex words. All this takes place as the clock ticks. It is the ticking clock that causes my shoulders to tense. If I had all the time in the world, I am sure words would bubble up from me with no effort. But as the time gets closer to the end, my mind seems to slow down, and my anxiety level increases.

Seriously, what difference does it make whether I go slow or go fast, or whether I spell lots of words or just a few? Yes, it is just a game, but it is a game I am playing to benefit me. And since the game is for improving my mental recall, the game should have a relaxing effect instead of a tensing one. So why the tense shoulders as the clock shouts out that the end is near?  I forget that the outside measure means nothing. What appears to be an outside evaluation of my mind’s ability is really just the Luminosity folks version of my success. It has nothing to do with the real success of my mental progress.

Life is very much like the game of “Word Bubbles.” Your life is for the purpose of evolving your essence. It is for your benefit. Outside measures don’t count unless you allow their evaluations to have credibility. The outside may provide you with tools for faster evolution of the inner you, but outside opinions should not make your shoulders tense, your mind hand over your evaluation sheet, nor your emotions to become anxious. The pressure most people allow to be put on them by an outside source is just downright stupid.

So let me repeat. You are the owner and manager in the game of life. It is your life’s game, put in place to serve you in fulfilling your potential. Remembering that allows you the right to keep your own score card. It allows you to ignore the ticking clock, the score others give you, and your internal need to win. So relax and enjoy learning from whatever opportunities your game of life offers. Watch the progress of your light expanding and enjoy the process.


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