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    Who is in charge of your life?

    by Jackie Woods

    Who is in charge of your Life? by Jackie Woods

    Transformation with the Fire Element at a recent Adawehi Work Weekend

    From an early age, we start programming our unconscious mind with pictures of how things should look, feel, and be performed. If these pictures fit our make-up, then we fare pretty well. But if, for instance, your inner picture of dressing correctly doesn’t either fit either your body shape or your emotional nature, then your self-image will suffer. At least it will suffer until you discard the hand-me-down programming and replace it with what fits the real you.

    So the next question is, “How do I discover the real me?” Rule number one is to listen to what makes you uncomfortable. Then determine which part of you is uncomfortable. Is it how you act (and look), think, or emotionally respond to your world? How does the uncomfortable part line up with what you know about the other two parts of yourself? For it is only by aligning body, mind, and emotions that your spirit will have a free playing field.

    Once you have removed the unneeded programmed picture of how you should feel, think, or perceive the physical, you can allow your Heart to draw a picture that will fit you perfectly. However, the removal process can be a bit tricky, because it oftentimes feels as if you are betraying the ones who were there for you while you were growing up. You may even fear you will lose the love of people who still hold one of your discarded pictures as the absolute truth.

    I remember being programmed to believe that the religious faith my family held was the only way I could believe. Other religions were considered out-of-bounds. So when I started seeing how truth fit people differently depending on their level of spiritual development, it started crumbling my family’s singular religious picture. I know that sounds crazy, but I was taught that only “our” denomination held any truth at all.

    Another rigid picture held by our family was around food. There had to be a meat at every meal and a dessert for the noon and evening meals. Now there is nothing wrong with that picture, but it didn’t fit me physically. Sugar made me hyper and too much meat felt heavy on my stomach. So you would think that a simple discard and replace action could happen quickly. However, it took me about three years to feel secure in checking with my body to see what it needed instead of sticking to the family picture of a perfect diet.

    And of course, I have had my share of emotional pictures that blocked me from aligning body, mind, and emotions with my spirit. One of those pictures that always managed to bring up discomfort was how I was told to respond to others around my intuition flashes. I always had a strong sense about whether honesty or dishonesty was being spoken, but my intuitive opinion was poo-pooed by my parents. Even when after-the-fact I was proven right, their same discounting would be voiced the next time. So I learned to keep quiet and hide my inner knowing. At least I did for several years after leaving home.

    So always see where discomfort is hiding, discard the non-fitting picture, and then listen for your Heart to indicate the replacement that will unite your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. But beware if the discomfort has spread to both your thinking and feelings. When this happens, it won’t be long before your physical body will respond negatively in some way.

    You are a UNIQUE AND SPECIAL BEING. All you have to do is claim your heart’s inner images of that unique and special being and discard the ones that don’t fit.