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To Everything There is a Season

If you look closely, you will discover a seasonal type of movement to all the topics of your life. Take a minute to consider this. All new beginnings must be maintained in order to gather rewards. And then at some time the maintained area needs to be reviewed to see what changes need to be made to give it a fresh newness.

An example of this seasonal progression would be decorating a room. You give birth to your ideas by arranging the furniture. Whether this is a new project or just a rearranging one, it is representative of the birthing that happens in the spring. After decorating your room, you will need to take care of it by keeping it clean. This care phase is representative of summer’s needs. Then, of course, you will get to enjoy living in the space you have created and are maintaining. Reaping the rewards of your efforts is synonymous with the harvests of fall. But after a while, the rewards of your decorated room lose their oomph, and you want to make some changes. However, you need to first take time to consider what should be changed or added before you begin. You have now entered the season of winter. This is the time when nature is preparing for the newness of spring.

All seasons have their pluses and minuses. Life is simply a lesson in learning how
to let the purpose of each season support you in dealing with the difficulties.
For example, spring is a favorite season of many, because it is so beautiful in its display of birth. However, you may have to join with the season’s intent of birth in finding new ways to deal with the carpenter bees each spring. Joining with the intent of summer in sustaining growth throughout the season can either be embraced as a union with nature or as an uncomfortable chore. Fall carries the intent to reap what you have sown and cared for. And while reaping what you have sown sounds great, a lot of people have trouble receiving. As you can see, it is important to embrace the intent of each season and place it within each area of your life, or there might be regrets when you get to the winter season of review and contemplation.

Being able to move from one season to the next with ease is a real gift, and a gift that can be developed. Of course it is human to have our favorite season in nature as in other areas of life. But to be uncomfortable with or neglectful of any one of the four seasons will create blocks in one’s flow of creativity and/or contentment. People who get bored with their life usually blame it on outside circumstances, when in truth they are just stuck in one season. And there are an equal number of people who swing to the other side of boredom. They become so intent on making one of the seasons work that their creative juices can no longer flow.

To personalize this article, you might evaluate your living space, your work space, and a relationship to see where they are presently sitting in the seasonal cycle. Ask yourself, “Is it time to move to the next season, or do I need to put more focus on the present one?” For each season must be complete and fulfilled, so that moving to the next will not be a weakened move, but a strong one.