1. When making plans to go somewhere, you are most concerned with:

2. Which of the following most resembles how you describe your day?

3. When trying to solve a problem or make a decision, you:

4. Which if the following best describes how you approach something new?

5. How would you most like to be supported by family and friends?

6. In which way do you like to receive directions?

7. When you listen to someone tell a story, you enjoy hearing:

8. You believe something is wrong with your life when:

9. How would you decorate a new home?

10. If a person is giving you instructions, you attention is more drawn to:

As we develop a healthy relationship with our emotions, we begin to see them as gifts rather than a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Join me and my co-host and son, Russell Woods, as we take you on a path that allows your emotions to be the doorway to true Love.

I appreciate your courage to join us in learning to give and receive true Love!

Warmly, Jackie Woods

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