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Internal Struggles

by Jackie Woods

When what you consciously want and what you unconsciously create are in conflict, it causes an uncomfortable internal struggle. However, since we like to believe that we, as advanced mammals, are in conscious control, being unable to change an outcome is usually turned into a frustrating undercurrent. We then take action to deal with the situation that has tilted a bit off center so that the internal struggle will go away.

But unless we remember that we “print” into our lives what has been programmed into our unconscious mental computer, we may fix the problem but a similar situation will reappear. For example, when I was a teen, I lived in an area of the country that was poorly equipped to provide just about all public services. If a telephone pole fell in a storm, it might be ten days before we would have phone service again. And once when my dog was poisoned, the elected county sheriff told me, “Don’t worry about it; some neighbor will probably catch the culprit.” From those types of emotionally charged happenings, my internal computer was programmed to believe that there would usually be delays when it came to public services.

So sure enough this unconscious programming played out recently. My phone reception went out. Since I don’t have a cell phone, I had to go to the neighbor’s house to make all my calls. This inconvenience created an internal struggle. Emotionally I felt unimportant to the phone company. Mentally I was extremely judgmental about their service. And physically I was inconvenienced. In other words, none of my internal parts were pleased with the creation.

As long as the internal struggle was going on, I kept creating delays. Finally I owned that I was participating in having to wait ten days to get my phone fixed. I released my emotional, mental, and physical sensations of struggle, and made the phone issue be about the patience I had developed through the years of waiting for service. When my focus changed from inner struggle about what was not happening to a positive focus about what I had to bring, the inner struggles went away.

So when what you consciously want and what you unconsciously create are in conflict, release the internal struggle by changing your focus. Look to see if the situation causing the emotional, mental, and physical tension is a reoccurring theme in your life. If it is, then read the fine print on that message. The bold print says what is wrong with the situation, but the fine print reminds you of the good inner quality you have gained (or could gain) from this creation. By refocusing, you can tune out the inner discord, reprogram your unconscious mind, and gift yourself with an inner harmony all at the same time.