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How to Expand Love

by Jackie Woods

For love to expand in your life, you have to let others not only touch your Heart but become part of it. Recently a dear friend of mine died. At her memorial service, several people shared how she had brought her Heart to live in theirs. Since she brought her Heart to everyone and everything, her love continued to expand after her death at the age of 80.

Boundaries were only learning aids to my friend. She would bring herself fully to a person or situation and then pass what was gained on to the next person or situation. For example, she cared for the people she lived with, but she generously gave care beyond those people.

For love to expand in your life, you have to give up your attachment to loving in small spaces. A mother usually feels she can love no greater than she loves her children. However, even that love can be limiting if her love is not used as a jump start to loving beyond her children. Likewise, many business people are completely dedicated to their jobs. While being dedicated to your job is not a bad thing, there is a danger of dedication not expanding if that dedication stops at the boundaries of the job.

Family and job are the big attachments, but from there people can get attached to smaller things. Such things as daily routines can become very rigid. The daily routine attachment is all about loving the heart energy of Order in a small way. Even how you think can become a limitation to expansion. And certainly emotional wounds of any kind can limit the expansion of your Heart and thus your love.

Expansion of the Heart is like throwing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples go out. With every situation in your life, you are called upon to bring a heart energy. If that energy gets stopped by the boundaries of that ring, then the next ring doesn’t happen. It is through this ring-expanding process that heart love can cover the planet.

The first ring of love usually happens between a child and a parent. As the child gets older, it ripples out to include more family. Then friends come along to add another ripple of love. The same is true for any and all heart energies. Dedication, for instance, may start by being dedicated to a pet. Dedication can continue to ripple out through school work, through jobs, and finally to the dedication of bringing light to the planet.

So how do the ripples going out from a pebble of a heart energy that you drop into your life get stopped? Heart expansion is as natural as breathing, so people have to work hard to stop it, but work hard they do. Just stop for a minute and see where your generosity ends. Or perhaps you have a small rippling of support, but does it get stopped at the ring of people who have not offered support to you?

As you can see, heart-ripples stop when any external attachment happens. It can be the people around you or the schedule you have laid out for yourself. It is sometimes easier to see where we attach to people than to see where we have attached to routines. But any kind of attachment stops your Heart from expanding.

I am part of a core of people who carry the intent of expanding the heart energies of health and service through the vehicle of a health food store. A more sincere and dedicated group you could never meet. However, there is a constant struggle not to let the separate tasks become each person’s end goal in bringing health and service. For example, it has been difficult for some people to bring service outside of the comfort zone of their assigned tasks. It has been equally difficult for others to understand that the health they live in their individual lives is the pebble that starts the rippling.

Attachments of any kind are the nemesis of Heart expansion. If you truly love your Heart more than any external form, then it will be able to send its ripples out to infinity. Boundaries may be road markers, but not stop signs, if attachment is released. The determining factor is whether you love your Heart more than you love the objects of that love.

My recording, Oneness, is wonderful tool on your love journey.